The system that wouldn't grow up

Das System, das nicht erwachsen werden wollte

Chocolate is one of the most popular sweets in Europe. It is a product which promises both comfort and indulgence to some and poverty and suffering to others. But where does this exploitation originate and what does it do with the people who participate in it? This text examines the emotional mechanisms which keeps the chocolate industry running and searches for optimism for the future.

2022, in German

An overview of the role of the Knee-Hole-Jeans in the present age

Ein Überblick über die Rolle der Knie-Loch-Jeans in der heutigen Zeit

For a few years now the Used Look has been trending in everyday fashion, ranging from gaping holes and worn-down jeans to subtle slits at the knees. This text examines why jeans with knee-holes are popular and what this fashion trend could say about the desires and fears of the young generations.

2016, in German